Our Story & Values

OR Studio – made for you

What happened to the real goods? The days when artisans gradually became masters of their craft? When things were supposed to last a life time and be passed on to future generations. When artists left a part of their spirit inside their works? Do you still own something which was not mass produced? But made just for you?

This is our story. Hand crafted arts made in the old way. With as much human element as possible, this means less machines and things take longer to produce. Almost everything in the studio is unique and made with care. When things are made by hand they become worth more, they carry a chord of emotion. This is where beauty lies, it is not just a scarf, or a table. All the materials or media were carefully selected and put together, no shortcuts, working slowly towards the birth of a new creation.

OR studio is a family run business. The idea to set up a Studio came to us as organically as possible, the logical and intuitive answer when two artisans run out of space at home.

My passion started as a child, watching my grandmother create the most beautiful carpets, blankets and tapestry on a weaving loom. It was fascinating! As I grew up, I always favoured making presents instead of buying, learning new crafts and skills from people all over the world, open to being creative while retaining functionality.

Finding inspiration in macramé, weaving, mosaic, crochet and more, the next step was to show case my work and share my passion with the world.   

‘Drop by drop the water pot is filled’ and so the studio grew slowly but surely from a dream in the future to the present day. Today there are six craftspeople displaying their art at OR Studio.